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Corporate Support

Significant support has been granted to REMEDY by the following corporations.  We are grateful for their generosity:

Rolex Corporation: Rolex Award for Enterprise in Science and Invention, May 1996. $50,000.

Stuart Pharmaceuticals : Cost-effectiveness Educational Grant, April 1994. $5,000.

AMSCO: Scientific Exhibit Sponsor, Association of Operating Room Nurses, March 1994-1996. $7,800.

Organon: Scientific Exhibit Sponsor, American Society of Anesthesiologist, October 1994-1996. $6,500.

Spacelabs: Support for the REMEDY organized, Yale-Leon Anesthesia and Critical Care Symposium and for support to the program recipient in Nicaragua. January 1993-1996. $7,500.

Ohmeda: Support for the REMEDY organized, Yale-Leon Anesthesia and Critical Care Symposium, January 1995. $2,000.

Bayer Corporation: Gift towards development of the REMEDY "Atlas" communication tool, January 1995. Gifts towards general operating fund, December 1996. $10,000 and December 1999. $25,000.

Augustine Medical: Budget towards marketing and conference exhibition projects. 1997. $15,000 over three years.

LMA North-America. General Operating expenses. 1999 - 2001. $10,000.

Yale School of Medicine - office and storage space and utilities for 10 years including network communication. In-kind donation valued at approximately $33,540 a year.
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