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Subject: (6/15/2006)
Question: How does REMEDY get its funding?
Answer: REMEDY's funding comes from a combination of sources. We are fortunate to have received continuing support from a private family foundation in Connecticut, modest corporate donations, and many private donations.
Subject: (6/15/2006)
Question: How much does the REMEDY Teaching Packet cost?
Answer: The REMEDY Teaching Packet is free of charge to all requesting hospitals. Although we do encourage donations to enable us to continue our work, there is no charge for the Teaching Packet and no request for one by hospital personnel is ever denied.
Subject: (6/15/2006)
Question: How can I find out about supplies that are available for donation?
Answer: If you are a representative of a U.S.-based non-profit organization, or a medical professional looking for specific supplies for an upcoming volunteer medical mission, we invite you to become a member of the AIRE-mail project. You will receive notices by email of available donations and urgent need.

Also, if you are in need of supplies (to support hospitals or clinics overseas), you might consider approaching your local hospital to find out if they have an active recovery effort. If not, we would be happy to send them information about the REMEDY program. Once started, perhaps supplies could be directed toward your organization or clinic.
Subject: (6/15/2006)
Question: How do we send REMEDY our recovered supplies?
Answer: DO NOT SEND US SUPPLIES!!!! REMEDY is not a clearinghouse for recovered supplies. Our mission is to teach and assist hospitals in starting and maintaining recovery programs. We do not collect donated supplies, nor do we ship any supplies overseas.
Subject: (6/15/2006)
Question: How do I find a charitable organization who wants these supplies?
Answer: Contact us. We maintain a large database of non-profit organizations who are interested in donated recovered medical supplies. We can help you find someone in your area, with a national base, or that directs aid to specific countries.
Subject: (6/15/2006)
Question: How will I know that the supplies are getting to people who need them?
Answer: The REMEDY Teaching Packet includes guidelines for choosing a responsible receiving charity. Checking the record of an organization ahead of time is a good idea. Ask for information about the intended destination. Ask to see documentation for the shipment, and confirmation of its receipt. It's always fun to get copies of thank you letters.

For those who are adventurous, so-inclined and have the resources, you can make a site visit to the hospital or clinic to which supplies are given.

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