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Subject: (6/15/2006)
Question: Where can I store recovered supplies?
Answer: Anywhere you can. A closet, hospital warehouse space, corner of the loading dock, an office, a garage, an off-site self storage company. You may find that while looking for space, if you help someone go through excess inventory, not only will you find some space...but you may get some additional supplies donated to your program!
Subject: (6/15/2006)
Question: Where do the supplies go?
Answer: All over the world! The network of U.S. non-profit organizations committed to providing medical assistance to populations in need is vast and helps to bring medical supplies to almost every country suffering from poverty, political conflict, or natural disaster.
Subject: (6/15/2006)
Question: Where can I get boxes to pack supplies for storage and donation?
Answer: We find that the best place to get boxes is from inside the hospital itself. Every week hundreds of boxes of supplies are unloaded. Most hospitals already have in place a corrugated recycling program. Speak to the people in environmental services about regularly diverting boxes to your project.

The pilot program at Yale-New Haven Hospital recycles cell-saver boxes straight from the OR, before it even goes to the corrugated. These boxes are a great size for packing! They're not too big, and uniform box sizes are great for stacking (and using space efficiently).

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