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REMEDY Backpacks Travel to Haiti

An Update from HeloHaiti- www.helohaiti.com

I returned from Haiti yesterday, things are still bad there, sadly.  Many many people in tents (if lucky) and in need of food and medical care.  It is very difficult.  We visited the hospital in les Cayes and delivered "comfort dolls" to the children there.  Infections are now the primary medical issue there, unfortunately.  We did food distributions with the "victim's association", a group formed of refugees from Port au Prince to aid refugees to resettle in les Cayes, and another on HELO's property in the village of Camp Perrin.  Our second home opened on 2/15/10, offering home, education, love and opportunity to 12 new children, 9 orphaned by the earthquake.
As promised, I am attaching a few photos of the backpacks.  The notes enclosed in the pack were a great hit, enjoyed by all.  Thank you so much to both to everyone at Remedy and the New Haven Public Schools for their thoughtfulnes and generosity!!



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