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State of Connecticut vs. Tammy Young

Update:  Ms. Tammy Young, former executive director of REMEDY was sentenced to 3.5 yrs in prison for the embezzlement of funds. Our thanks go out to Detective Thomas Mullen of the Yale Police Force and Atty Michael Denison of the Connecticut States Attorney's office

Press release regarding State of Connecticut vs. Tammy Young: The REMEDY Board of Directors is grateful to the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and his office for aggressively pursing this case. Our past and current donors were made aware of the financial situation and the loss of funds earlier this year and have continued to be supportive of the REMEDY mission. Though this situation has resulted in a limitation in REMEDY's ability to be proactive in promoting the practice of operating room supply recovery, we have continued to serve those individuals and organizations which request and depend on our services. First and foremost REMEDY has a responsibility to its donors and hopes that the Attorney General's efforts results in the recovery of their generously provided support. Background REMEDY is a voluntary organization composed of doctors, nurses, medical students, hospital volunteers, and others whose collective efforts are directed at transferring discarded but usable medical supplies to developing nations, while source reducing regulated waste, and saving money in our hospitals in the U.S. The original REMEDY program, was founded in 1991 by William H. Rosenblatt, MD, Professor of Anesthesiology at Yale University School of Medicine, and was soon designated a 501(C){3} non-profit organization whose mission is the nationwide promotion of this concept and the facilitation of initiation of local programs throughout the country. More information is available at REMEDY's web sites: www.REMEDYinc.org and www.Med-eq.org


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