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At the heart of the REMEDY program is our volunteers
The REMEDY volunteers participate in international philanthropy everyday by running and assisting the recovery programs in hospitals nationwide using the REMEDY model.

At the pilot program at Yale-New Haven Hospital, we count on the support of more than 100 nurses and technicians working in the Operating Room, Central Sterile Supply, Loading Dock, Materials Management, students from the Yale University programs and School of Medicine, high schools students and adults in the community.

Thousands of healthcare workers nationwide volunteer in the nearly 300 hospitals with REMEDY recovery programs.

Current REMEDY Volunteers

Brian Cook - volunteer, PA student

Trisha Chakrabarty--sorter, Yale undergrad

Antonios Charokopos -sorter, Yale undergrad

Mike Mulick, MD - sorter, meeting staff, YNHH resident

Jesse Rosenblatt- clear sorter- grade school student

Sophia Grossman- Clean sorter grade school student

Oren Rosenberg- sorter Yale med

Julia Irwin sorter- History in Medicine gradulate stutent

Cristine Shiva sorter- Med student
Tiffany Chen sorter- Yale under grad

William Warden sorter-Yale med

Karen Moris sorter-Yale med

John Tangredi sorter- OR nurse

Viola LetLetAung Wu sorter- nursing student

Ben Grossman- Clean sorter- High school student


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