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REMEDY at Yale

Results from the Pilot Program at Yale-New Haven Hospital
Since inception, Yale-New Haven Hospital's pilot program alone has donated several millions of dollars worth of supplies and has recovered from what was previously considered waste, in excess of 30 tons of material aid.

The cost of recovering these supplies has amounted to not more than $200 a year (disinfectant and bags are provided by the hospital). The avoided incineration of the 30 tons of solid medical waste has saved the hospital $2,530 annually over the life of the program. As a byproduct of the program's in-house exposure, hundreds of thousands of dollars in new disposables and equipment (excess inventory) has also been donated by YNHH to the REMEDY pilot program.

The majority of these collected supplies have been donated to the following non-profit organizations:

  • New Haven/Leon (Nicaragua) Sister Cities Project 
  • Albert Schweitzer Institute
  • New Haven/Hue (Vietnam)Sister Cities Project
  • New Haven/Freetown, Sierra Leona Sister Cities Project
  • PUMA (Operation Blessing Nepal)
  • Knightsbridge International
  • Hand Carry Program
  • AFYA Foundation
  • Renewed Life Phillippines

In addition to the accomplishments of the original REMEDY project at Yale, there has been significant success in the hospitals which have developed the program based on the REMEDY In-service Teaching Packet. Because REMEDY is not a membership organization and each hospital functions as a separate effort, REMEDY does not compile information on the recovery from the hundreds of other active programs.


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