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�O.R. Trash is Third World Treasure.� Associated Press Report: Evening Sun Hanover,  PA 31 Dec. 1992

�Sixteen in the Running for Green Ribbons.� New Haven Register 5 may 1992:A12

�W.H. Rosenblatt, D.G. Silverman, Teamwork Pays Off.� New Haven Register 6 August 1992:

Ad, National Geographic 190(1) July 1996

Ad, The New Republic 215(1) 1 July 1996:3

Advocate Hartford 13 Dec. 1992

Associated Press Report, Middletown Press, CT 7 Dec. 1992:

Brooke, James �U.S. Hospitals Donating Unused Medical Supplies Overseas.� New York Times- National Section 13 January 1996:7

Capers, Robert S. �Hospital Saves Supplies for the Third World.� Advocate Dec. 1992:A13

Capers, Robert S. �Medical Supplies Reused to Save Poor.� Hartford Courant 12 Dec. 1992:D4

Chicago Tribune 2 June 1996:

Dayton Daily News Jan. 1993

Dinolfo, Debra and John �Around and About.� Connecticut Magazine Sept. 1993:10

Dodson, Reynolds �The View East of Waste and Healing.� Southampton Press   January 1998

Drury, Allan �New Haveners Send Supplies to Sister-City Volcano Victims.� New Haven Register 11 April 1992:4

Esposito, Andy �Recycle Medical Waste Aids Poor Countries.� Telegram and Gazette 3 April 1993:

Hladky, Gregory B. �Greenber-DeLauro Rating Soar.� New Haven Register 8 Nov. 1992:A1, A12

Isenstein, Howard �Doctor Ships Discarded Material to Third World.�  Advocate Dec. 1992:A13

Katz, Abraham �Y-NH Doc�s REMEDY for Wasted Supplies Wins Enterprise Prize.� New Haven Register 30 May 1996:A4

Kemper, Steve �Waste Watcher�s.� Hartford Courant-Magazine Section 22 Sept. 1996

Kenny, Dave �Cheshire Teen Knows He Wants to Help People.� New Haven Register 16 July 1998:

Kovner, Josh �Relief Group Seeks Added Aid for Leon.� New Haven Register 18 April 1992:3

Kratzer, Karen �A Home REMEDY� Wesleyan, The University Alumni Magazine LXXVIII (4)   Spring 1996:46-47

Loque, Marion �Swarthmore Senior Discover REMEDY Collects Medical Supplies.� Delaware County Daily Times 17 April 1996: 30

Morris, Gitta �Operating Room Learn Recycling.� New York Times 25 July 1993

Pelton, Thomas �Yugoslav Princess Collects for Children.� New Haven Register 16 Oct. 1992:13

Redbook Nov. 1994

Rosenthal, Larry �Doctor�s Experiment Helping Third World with Medical Supplies.� The Register Citizen, CT 7 Dec. 1992:2

Scientific American 75(1) July 1996:13

Siegel, Danny �Leftovers from the Operating Room.� Women�s League OUTLOOK 67(3) Spring   997:32

Temple, Beth �REMEDY� El Bulletin, Fairfield. May 1997:18

Tuhus, Melinda �A Sister City Responds With Hue, Vietnam in Need.� New York Times 27 Feb. 000:2

Zaretsky, Mark �Sister City Group, Y-NH Sending 250 Boxes of Medical Supplies to Vietnam.� New Haven Register 14 Dec. 1999:A3

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