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Completed Studies

  • MacRae, JW. The REMEDY utilization study: a model for donations evaluations, a thesis submitted to the Yale University School of Medicine in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. 1997. unpublished
  • Rosenblatt WH, Silverman DG. Recovery, Resterilization, and Donation of Unused Surgical Supplies. JAMA 1992, 268(11):1441-3
  • Rosenblatt WH, et al. Case-by-Case Assessment of Recoverable Materials for Overseas Donation From 1318 Surgical Procedures. JAMA 1993, 269(20):2647-9
  • Rosenblatt WH, Silverman DG. Cost-effective use of Operating Room Supplies Evaluated Using the REMEDY Database. Journal of Clinical Anesthesia. 1994, 6:400-406
  • Rosenblatt WH, et al. Recovery of Unused Operating Room Supplies for Overseas Orthopedic Surgery. American Journal of Orthopedics. 1996, 9:633-636
  • Rosenblatt WH, et al. Focused vs. O.R.-Wide Recovery of Unused Surgical Supplies for Overseas Reconstructive Surgery. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 1996, 97:630-634
  • Rosenblatt WH, Chavez A, Tenney D, Silverman DG. Assessment of the Economic Impact of an Overage Reduction Program in the Operating Room. Journal of Clinical Anesthesia 1997, 9:478-481
  • Rosenblatt WH, et al. An Atlas of Surgical Supplies for Communication in Overseas Material Assistance Programs. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. April 1997. 99:1202-3


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