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Welcome to Remedy

REMEDY, Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World, is a 501 {c}{3} not-for-profit organization dedicated to actively promoting the recovery of unused medical supplies for the purpose of global aid, waste reduction, and cost-effectiveness. We seek to inspire and serve as a catalyst through education, practice and example.

REMEDY is committed to cooperation with other charitable organizations engaged in similar activities. By working together, we can more efficiently and reliably respond to those in need.

To donate equipment or supplies, please visit our Med-Eq program website.

To learn more about our volunteers at Yale-New Haven Hospital, please visit our REMEDY@Yale website.

Remedy is still offering the In-Service teaching packets, but may no longer be supporting future updates.

REMEDY's Haiti Relief Backpack Project collaboration with the City of New Haven

REMEDY's standing policy on disaster relief

State of Connecticut vs. Tammy Young

Yale Police and State's Attorney take action!

Yale Program Offers REMEDY to Poorer Nations' Need for Medical Supplies

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